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Positional Cervical Cord Compression (PC3):

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PC3 Research

At the 2010 MYOPAIN meeting in Toledo, Spain, Cheryl Hryciw, ARNP, presented data collected at the Oregon Heath & Sciences University.  She found that nearly 55% of patients with FM also had PC3.  In addition, PC3 was commonly associated with obstructive sleep apnea.  With strikingly similar results, the Seattle PC3 physical therapy program and surgical approach were duplicated in Portland, OR.   Two local radiology sites provide the flexion-extension C-spine MRI.

Cheryl Hryciw can be contacted at the Frida Center in Portland (503-477-9616).

Evaluation of variants of this PC3 concept is currently underway, including refining the role of the Chiari malformation, and in young adults, understanding the ramifications of a hypoplastic posterior fossa.  Also, a controlled study of PC3 is underway and recruiting patients as well as investigational support.


Although formal studies have not yet been done, new therapeutic options are also of interest, including a variety of pain management modalities and chiropractic care.

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100% of donations are used for PC3 research. but are not tax deductable.  Please call us at 425-235-9500 so that we can thank you properly.